Oh, So You Wanted to Steek? So Sorry!

Sorry, were you trying to steek this?

Sorry, were you trying to steek this?

For those of you who don’t know, “steeking” is the American word for what people in Europe call “taking a pair of scissors and cutting the fabric.”  I think I learned this from Mary Scott Huff when I took her class called “Eeek, Steeks” at the Knit Fit conference in Ballard, Seattle.  The class was a hands-on tutorial in how to cut up the gorgeous fabric that you just spent hours and hours slaving over.  As you may know, steeking is a scary process because you are cutting up the fabric you just spent months making.

Mary Scott Huff is a sweet, fun, knowledgeable, and overall helpful knitter who is way into stranded colorwork.  She understands that the process of steeking is scary, and she does her best to make doing it less scary.  For the half-day class, you bring in swatches that are ready to be cut.  Mine were made of an ancient wool yarn in what I like to think of as ecru and baby-poop brown.  For the full class, you make a table runner.  Yowza.

Fortunately, before I took the class, I had done several of my own forays into the world of cutting up the fabric I had spent hours slaving over.  I decided to make a vest from Elizabeth Zimmerman’s book Knitter’s Workshop in a Fair Isle pattern.  Before I cut into it, I made several swatches and watched many tutorials.

Once I felt like I had it down, I pulled out my scissors, got a crochet hook, and laid out my vest on the table.  I was ready to make my first incision.

And then this happened:

Molly Moggy

No, you want to give me luvin’s instead.

So, this is why I can’t knit nice things.

Anti-Knitting League: 1, Knitter:  0.


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